President - Ralph Durham

Vice President - Emma England

Secretary - Debbie Durham

Treasurer - Jack Ingold

Directors - Venu Tummalapalli

                     Chip Young

                     Scott McNeill

                     Milton Weinberg

Judge Procurer - Sharon Goss

Programs - Emma England

                     Jack Ingold

                     Chip Young

                     Ralph Durham

                     Bill Brown

Hospitality - Roberta Smith

Competition Print - Debbie Durham

                                Jack Ingold

                                Kelley Happ

Competition DPI - Bill Janes

                               Don Enns

                               ​Kenn Ashley

CACCA Rep - Jack Ingold

Webmaster - Debbie Durham

Outings - Chip Young

The North Shore Camera Club is managed by a small group of volunteers.  Please feel free to contact them with your questions, ideas and your offer to help with Club activities.   North Shore could not operate without these valuable volunteers.  

                                         Thanks for all!

​It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter." 

- Alfred Eisenstaedt


North Shore Camera Club