North Shore Camera Club

Chicago Area camera club (cacca)

The objective of CACCA is the development of fellowship among member clubs as well as the promotion of photographic interests and accomplishments.  Camera Clubs may become members of CACCA by application to the membership chairman and acceptance by the Board of Directors. A delegate represents each club at monthly meetings that are held at the Christian Church of Arlington Heights, 333 W. Thomas Street, Arlington Heights, IL on the second Saturday of the month, October through May.

Each month CACCA Clubs and their members compete in Print, Slide and Digital judgings. Interclub competitions are scheduled in Pictorial Slides, Large and Small Monochrome and Color Prints, Pictorial Digital Projected Images. Individuals can compete in Nature Prints and Slides, Photojournalism Prints and Slides, Alteration of Reality Digital Projected Images, and Portrait Prints and Slides in a series of three monthly contests.

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