If you're getting any photo gear, paper, books, or anything, simply click these names to get to Red River Paper,   ThinkTank,  or Adorama and you will be helping North Shore Camera Club Members.  The important thing to remember is when you are just looking and then decide at a later time on your purchase, please come back to North Shore Camera Club Website to click on the merchant you want to buy from.

When you use these links, North Shore Camera Club gets credit regardless of what you purchase. You won't pay a penny more, and probably much less than retail. NSCC  will get a credit for your purchase and we use it to directly to benefit NSCC members. Many of our NSCC members have been buying from many of these suppliers for many years (or decades!) and have had great results. That's why the Board of NSCC strongly recommends using the links from our site to buy from them these vendors.

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Due to the current COVID - 19 pandemic- all club meetings, breakfasts, and programs are canceled for the time being.  Our program committee is developing plans for future virtual meetings.  Stay tuned! 

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