North Shore Camera Club

Our Members' Award Winning Photographs

Sheri Sparks and Ralph Durham 

receive APSA Awards

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“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”- Ansel Adams

The North Shore Camera Club is located in Lake Forest, Illinois.  We were founded in 1935 and continue the tradition 84 years later of supporting image sharing, friendly competition and skill improvement at all levels of photography, in a socially relaxed atmosphere.

Our membership consists of people from all walks of life who possess photography skills from amateur to semi-professional.  Members use digital and film cameras, ranging from point-and-shoot and digital SLR to medium and large format.

Our Club members share a love of photography, the willingness to share their images and experiences with others as well as a desire to become better photographers.

The Club is associated with the Chicago Area Camera Club Association (CACCA) and the Photographic Society of America(PSA), affording members the opportunity to participate in structured competitions, seminars, workshops and other activities.